Made by Ancient Glastronaut Orange and Green UV Reactive (Nova)  
side car with horns, rainbow Just Add Water pull wagged with horns
Fumed Glass Spoon Wig Wag Cap Dichro Swirl Horn  
Multi-Sectional Hand Pipe Set - 14mm Glass-on-Glass Fittings - Cobalt Tubing - Dome, Natural Perc, Spoon and Stem...
s shaped side car purple with slyme and aqua wag and slyme horn
Dark Blue Spoon Dichro Wig Wag
DRG Spoon w/ Honeycomb Cap
DRG Wrap and Rake CFL Yellow to Pink  
green, purple, blue wag dry hammer with matching jar
Glass Spoon Made by Duane Ray Wrap N Rake Yellow and White Super Thick Signed by Artist
Artist: Che - Outside frit work - Clear marbles - Size 2.75X3x5.25 - Made in U.S.A.
eyeball with nerve attached
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