UFO Spoon Dichro Opal WigWag Pinwheel Aqua/Purple
Glass Spoon Made by Mo  Fumed Wig Wag Cap
Glass Spoon Made by Mason Octopus Cap  
Dark Blue Spoon Dichro Wig Wag
Glass Spoon Made by Duane Ray Wrap N Rake Yellow and White Super Thick Signed by Artist
Glass Spoon Made by Shay Paparazzi Encamlo Cap Cobalt Tube Flower design
Fumed Glass Spoon Wig Wag Cap Dichro Swirl Horn  
Heady Spoon Made by Watson Three Sections Wig Wag  Two Honeycombs Horn  
Made by MO and MDG Lemon Drop Multiple Marbles Encased Opals Encased Milli Chips Dichro Tiles Wig Wag...
Made by Sock Aqua Green and Black Cap Four Horns Signed by the Artist Super Thick
Made by Firekist Inside Out Spoon Latti Line Work Fumed  
Made by HD Glass Fumed (Changes Color) Three Clear Dots Thick
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