Made by American Helix  Signature Series Clear With Dots and Horn Made in Texas Various Colors
Made by American Helix Signature Series Clear With Aqua Dots and an Aqua/White Horn Made in Texas
Made by Erik Haas Insanely Thick Spoon Fumed   Turns Blue the more you use it!  
Made by Erik Haas Insanely Thick Spoon Fumed Inside Out Line Work with Latti Various color combos so...
Made by Stroker Sherlock  Multi-Sectional Piece Honeycomb Everywhere Throughout the Piece Honeycomb Guard  
Made by Stroker Fumed Fish  
Made by Stroker  Unobtainium Clear Windows in the body  
Meet REX! REX is a sand blasted Chocolate Crayon and Caramel Doberman created by Jason Gordman. REX comes...
DRG Wrap and Rake CFL Yellow to Pink  
DRG Spoon w/ Honeycomb Cap
Inside Out Hammer Gold Fumed UV Reactive Super Thick
Made by Boxfan Green, Yellow, and Dichro Wig Wag Clear Black Dots
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