Clear Steamroller   
Made by Helix. Clear with Blue Dots. Thick Glass.  It Spins.  
The Uno answers the call for a durable, portable unit with the same cooling properties. Our line of...
Made by Helix Worked Multi's Red and Pink Gold SS Logo Removable and interchangeable Head
Made by Helix/Boxfan Classic Wig Wags  Classic Spoon I think you get the point... It's a Classic!  ...
Made by Helix Zencalmo Pattern on the head Made in USA  
Made by Boxfan Cobalt Head with Green, illuminati, and Dichro Vortex UV Reactive Very Thick
Signature Series Helix made by Boxfan Clear with Illuminati, multi color wig wag Encased Opal in the Horn...
Made by Boxfan and Block Head. Clear.  
Made by Boxfan and LaGrone Filla Deluxe Spoon Clear, Black, Multi Color Filla Gold Helix Label Opal
Made by Boxfan Green, Yellow, and Dichro Wig Wag Clear Black Dots
Made by Ancient Glastronaut Orange and Green UV Reactive (Nova)  
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