side car with horns, rainbow Just Add Water pull wagged with horns
Fumed Glass Spoon Wig Wag Cap Dichro Swirl Horn  
Multi-Sectional Hand Pipe Set - 14mm Glass-on-Glass Fittings - Cobalt Tubing - Dome, Natural Perc, Spoon and Stem...
s shaped side car purple with slyme and aqua wag and slyme horn
Dark Blue Spoon Dichro Wig Wag
DRG Spoon w/ Honeycomb Cap
DRG Wrap and Rake CFL Yellow to Pink  
green, purple, blue wag dry hammer with matching jar
Glass Spoon Made by Duane Ray Wrap N Rake Yellow and White Super Thick Signed by Artist
Artist: Che - Outside frit work - Clear marbles - Size 2.75X3x5.25 - Made in U.S.A.
eyeball with nerve attached
Made by Firekist Inside Out Spoon Latti Line Work Fumed  
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