Full Amber Tube Gold Borosyndicate Logo 14mm Female Banger Hanger Two Hole Diffy
Made by Frank Waugh  Fully Fumed Recycler Donut in the neck as a splash guard 10mm Female Excellent...
Made by Frank Waugh Mini Rig Donut Splash Guard
Made by Zane Hollow arms and bridges  Sculpted purple lizard Comes with matching bowl (14mm Male)
Made by SPG Dichro Beaker Rig - 14mm Female Hanger - Matching Custom Drop Down (14mm Male to...
Made by Ancient Glastronaut Rig Two Dichro Crop Circle Tiles UV Reactive Can and Mouthpiece (Blue and Pink)...
Made by JTX  Clear  Minitube Water spins in a circle 10mm Fem
Made by Zane  Recycler Sculpted Green Sea Monster  Green and Yellow Fish Perc Colored Tree for the Return...
Made by Cambria Clear Rig Vac-Stack Mouthpiece Heady Cab 14mm Female
Made by Erik Haas  CFL Reactive Glass  Color: Flip Flop Yellow/Pink 14mm Female Removable Dabber/Cap Made in Texas...
Made by Slinger and Elbo Custom Etching, Campbell's Tomato Soup Can (Negative Etching on the other side) Grenade...
Made by JW Glass Mini Rig Removable Dabber Sword Great Function 14mm Female Outside Line Work
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