Brand: Bomdiggidy Glass Gallery

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$3,000.00 3,000.00

Artist: Duende
- Natural perk to Disk perk (Bubbles around Lotus Flower)
- Lots of honey combs
- Comes with dish, dabber, pendant, jar,and flip top dome
- Tripod stand
- Size 13X6X7.5
- Made in U.S.A.

~ This beautifully crafted waterpiece features a natural percolator that leads to a sculpted lotus flower up-line in the second chamber. A matching honeycomb inlayed in the mouthpiece, worked bridges, and many adornments give this piece many points of interest for onlookers to get lost in.

Included is a Slyme and Paparazzi honeycomb encalmo jar, which has a gold-fumed, honeycombed bottom magnifier to examine the contents within.

The offering is completed by a matching dish and dabber set, and is accented by a honeycomb vortex pendant for you to wear.